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Emar Mitchell - Why You Need a Mentor

Emar Mitchell works in the music industry, and he has been working to help young people reach their full potentials and make their dreams come true. He is the CEO of Fleek Entertainment and he believes that everybody needs help and guidance to successfully journey through life. With proper mentoring, you can easily navigate through life and also avoid many pitfalls.

A good mentor can teach you how to effectively take control career and become the person you dream of without going through much stress. Also, having a great idea is not enough; you need to be able to sell your idea. A mentor can teach you how to effectively communicate your ideas and how to convince people to listen to you.

Furthermore, a mentor will educate you on how to accept feedback in important areas, such as technical abilities, communication skills and leadership skills. This will help you to become a better person and also and reach your full potentials. Also, a mentor can help you to develop your interpersonal skills and also provide you with networking contacts that will help build your career. A mentor can also help you to develop your self-confidence and to better understand the organization's culture.

Finally, many of the world’s successful people today had at a time or the other submitted to the tutelage of someone else. Find the right mentor and be humble enough to learn from him or her.

Emar Mitchell is the CEO of Fleek Entertainment and a radio personality for Rockland World Radio. He has passion for helping young artists show their skills and reach their full potentials.

Emar Mitchell - 3 Benefits of Joining a Professional Association

Most career fields have professional associations. Emar Mitchell is the CEO of Fleek Entertainment; he believes that joining a professional association is one of the biggest decisions you can make as a professional. The benefits of joining a professional association include:

Professional recognition

Being a member of a professional association often means that you have attained a level of expertise in your career field. This will add to your credibility and your client will be confident in your ability to perform. This also shows that you are purposeful about your career development.

Networking opportunities

You need to develop a strong network to advance your career, and joining a professional association is one of the major networking tools. Professional associations offer many networking opportunities where you can meet with other professionals in your field. You can also build mutually beneficial professional relationships, find a mentor that can help you with your professional needs and also mentor young members.

Broaden your knowledge

If you are serious about advancing your career, then you should never stop learning. When you join a professional association, you will have you access to resource information that can help advance your career. You can also get help from your colleagues to deal with your professional issues. Furthermore, many associations organize seminars and workshops to keep their members updated.

Joining a professional association will help you to grow and also enhance your credibility as a professional.

Emar Mitchell is a radio personality for Rockland World Radio and also the CEO of Fleek Entertainment. He is a member of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

Emar Mitchell’s Secrets to Making Influential Beats

After fifteen years in the music industry, Emar Mitchell is having a lot of successes. He is featured on eight of 50 Cent’s mixtapes, he is a frequent contributor to, and had a weekly radio show that reaches millions of listeners. He has even begun to influence the business world through his company, Fleek Entertainment. All this could not have happened if it was not for his prowess in making beats. Here are a couple of secrets behind his process.

Emar Mitchell

Always be tuned in

Emar Mitchell lives music. He is thinking about it from the second he wakes up until he turns off the light to go to sleep. He is always listening for that unique collection of notes that he can use to turn into the next chart-topping hit. If he is not tuned in all the time, then there is high probability that he could miss some inspiration.

Vary your interests

When Emar Mitchell is not working in the studio he can be seen at the Buddhist temple, in the community’s philosophical society, or watching a basketball game. By being in three different settings, Mitchell can expose himself to a vast array of influences, increasing the chances of a creative spark.

Listen to the competition

As a radio personality, Emar Mitchell can listen to thousands of songs before putting them on the air. When listening to this much music, Emar can always get ideas from a rival’s beats or hear an interesting musical arrangement that he can improve on. The more music he listens to, the bigger database he can use to pull ideas.

The Definition of Success According to Emar Mitchell

After years of creating beats and collaborating with stars like 50 Cent, Emar Mitchell is trying to influence the music industry again with his company Fleek Entertainment. He started the company as a means to help other musicians out and guide them.

Mitchell is attempting to be the mentor that he never had growing up. Through his company, Emar helps young artists make good business decisions and provides guidance. In addition to being a mentor, Mitchell also makes beats for clients to use for their tracks. Mitchell also offers guidance in the world of radio entertainment. As a successful radio host, he frequently invites up-and-coming musicians on the show to perform, exposing them to new listeners. Overall, both Mitchell and his clients are happy with the way the business is going.

Emar Mitchell is using his talents in business, radio, and beat making to manage the entire creative process of music making, from recording to distribution. By seeing the whole process unfold, Mitchell thinks his artists will view the music industry from a different perspective and be better prepared to handle its challenges. A lot of Mitchell’s views on the industry come from his Buddhist faith. He believes that the life that you live can dictate your success. After having a rough childhood, Mitchell credits the discovery of Buddhism to helping him turn his life around. This is partially the reason for starting his own business.

It is easy to say that Emar Mitchell is succeeding as a businessman. When asked what is next for the young CEO, Mitchell answered, “I want to begin to produce movies.” At the moment, the sky is the limit.

The Effect of Emar Mitchell’s Life on Making Beats

An artist is influenced by his surroundings, and Emar Mitchell is no exception. After growing up in Harlem, Emar moved to the edge of Los Angeles and became involved in the street life. When he returned to New York, he discovered Buddhism and started to make beats. He credits a lot of his earlier life as the inspiration for his beats.

Emar Mitchell

Growing up on both coasts exposed Emar Mitchell to two different styles of rap. He thinks this experience allowed him to be able to make beats for a wide range of artists. Alex Murphy, one of 50 Cent’s mixtape producers, liked Mitchell’s work. As of now, he used eight of Mitchell’s beats for 50 Cent’s mixtapes.

Recently, Mitchell has used other influences in his beats. First, after discovering Buddhism and following its teachings, Mitchell has added another dimension to his beats. Now he also credits his leisure activities for giving him inspiration. Mitchell is an avid reader and likes to study ancient languages. He said that these events gave him a new perspective on life and his thought process.

Lastly, Emar turns to youth for inspiration. As a radio personality, he has young artists come on to his show and perform live. These performances give Emar insight to what the next generation of artists is doing creatively, and he can tailor his beats to these trends.

Emar credits his success in the music industry to all of these events and people who have shaped his life. Through his beat making talent, Emar Mitchell is shaping the industry and sending it in a positive direction.

Emar Mitchell Explains How to Reach a Large Radio Audience

Emar Mitchell has led a very successful life. He is a beats maker, a businessman, and a philanthropist. However, he is mostly known as a radio personality. Emar is the voice behind the Monday night radio show on Rockland World Radio. He has three tips to reach a larger audience through the radio.

Connect to the community

Your greatest number of potential listeners is within a couple miles of your radio station. By appealing to them, it gives a sense of authenticity to the show and keeps people tuning in. Emar Mitchell does this by inviting local up-and-coming artists on the show to perform. These performances help connect Emar to his local community.

Encourage conversation Aside from playing music, Emar often discusses current events that are both local and global. Talking about these topics will inform the audience and give them another reason to listen to the show. He also encourages listeners to call in and voice their opinions. Giving listeners a voice will foster a sense of community that will make people want to call in and express themselves.

Play good music

This should be mandatory. No one will want to listen to the radio show if the music is awful. Emar is a music industry veteran for over fifteen years. During this time, he has worked with 50 Cent and other great rappers. Because of his proximity to the music industry, Emar Mitchell knows which artist is about to release an album or what the new trends are in rap, hip-hop, and R&B.

Emar Mitchell - 4 Importance of Music in Our Lives

The importance of music in our lives cannot be quantified. The world would be a very quiet place without music. Emar Mitchell is the CEO of Fleek Entertainment; he believes that music is the perfect art; it is a universal language that anyone can understand. It is a great source of entertainment and it also helps us to tell stories and express our deepest feelings. Music appeals to our conscious and subconscious mind. It helps widen our imagination and inspires our thought. Music makes life beautiful!

Emar Mitchell is the Chief Executive Officer of Fleek Entertainment. He was born in Harlem, New York.

Some of the importance of music in our lives includes:

1.It helps us to express our deepest feelings
The best way to express love, anger, joy, passion and pains is through music. Through music, we can express the intent of our heart with ease.

2.Music increases creativity

Music enhances our ability to create and make discoveries. It helps us to constantly widen our imagination and creativity. It opens our mind to new possibilities. Listening to music can help us to achieve a level of creativity that we may not be able to achieve on our own.

3.Music motivates

Music is one of the greatest sources of motivation. It ignites our passion and inspires us to do more. Music speaks to the mind and strengthens our heart in most unusual ways.

4.Music is therapeutic

Music helps to revive hope and speed up the recovery process. It helps to calm the mind and combat depression and anxiety.

Music connects people everywhere irrespective of their race, background, political or religious believes.
Emar Mitchell is the CEO of Fleek Entertainment. He has passion for making and producing music. He believes that he can make a positive change in people’s lives through his music.